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Aqua Rhythm brings a spectacular visual and interactive display to your celebrations. Our mobile fountains have 47 independent nozzles shooting up to 5m into the air. We choreograph the fountains to your favourite music or let your guests take control; the fountains will dance to the movement of two handheld controllers. With the swipe of a finger the fountains come alive with full colour lights that can be infinitely adjusted with a touch pad.

Interactive Control 



The fountains are contained within a frame that measures 11m x 5m, the fountain run is 6m long and includes 38 shooters that independently fire up to 5m high, and 8 nozzles that dance from left to right in time with music. We provide all equipment including full colour lights outdoor speakers and an electrical generator, if required. All we require is a flat level area and access to a garden tap for approximately 50 minutes. We also provide a wireless link to your DJ's equipment to allow the fountain music to heard inside your venue. 

Aqua Rhythm App

Our new app allows anyone to take control of the fountains. The 3 colour sliders change the colour of the fountains instantly and the rainbow button brings the fountains to life in full technicolour. Our Photo buttons provide excellent back drops ensuring the perfect shot and the Easy button allows anyone who can grasp a Wii™ remote to control the movement of the fountains. 
For the more adventurous the easy button is pressed again and full control is returned to the Wii™ remotes allowing the user to fully interact with the fountains, shooting a 6-meter wall of water 5 meters into the air.   

So, if you're looking for wedding water fountains, to bring a little magic to that special day, environmentally friendly fireworks for the perfect new years' eve, or just a little something different, then look no further. With Aqua Rhythm, you' wont be disappointed!

If you'd like to know more, or want to book us for a special occasion, please contact us using the form or contact details below:

Prices are based on individual requirements.


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